How Creative Nevada Students Hide All Sorts of Dangerous Drugs


Clark County, Nv., school police officer Steve Ufford displays a canister of Pringles, a bottle of water, Visine eye drops, a can of Dr Pepper, Tootsie Rolls, a pacifier, children’s chewable vitamins, WD-40, and a rock like bounty from a drug bust, says the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The Pringles container is full of chips, but the bottom has a hidden compartment. Students twist the Tootsie Rolls’ wrappers around stacks of Ecstasy pills. The bottle of water and the eye drops are GHB, the “date rape drug,” a clear, odorless fluid that simulates extreme intoxication with just a few drops. All have been found in Clark County schools. “We’re struggling to stay on top of this,” he told a group of teachers, administrators and security personnel. “We’re a partying town. That’s our culture here in Vegas, and it trickles down to our schools.”

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