MA High Schools More Aggressive In Addressing Drug Problems


At more than 100 high schools in Eastern Massachusetts, drug-sniffing dogs are brought in every year to search for everything from alcohol to marijuana. In Quincy, video cameras follow students in the hallways while plainclothed security guards say alert for drug activities. Schools are spending more time than ever trying to prevent teens from using drugs, says the Boston Globe.

While dog searches rarely result in major drug finds or arrests, law enforcement officials said they are part of a prevention policy — one that includes communication, education, and surveillance – that is necessary to reach teens before they become addicted. In addition, many schools have a full-time police officer who bonds with students and tries to intervene before a student's drug use gets out of hand. District attorneys regularly come to address students, and they bring along recovering addicts who talk about the dangers of drugs. Health classes discuss substance abuse and the effect drugs have on a teen's body; school psychologists and counselors are on hand to deal with problems.

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