Park Ranger’s Seizure of Legal Gun in TN State Park Okayed By Court


In camouflage gear, Leonard Embody went into a state park near Nashville carrying an AK-47 pistol fully loaded with 30 rounds to test his constitutional rights. Frightened visitors reported that a man was in the park with an “assault rifle,” says the New York times in an editorial. A park ranger, thinking the weapon might be ready to fire, sensibly ordered Embody to the ground, removed his gun, patted him down for other weapons and detained him.

The ranger returned the gun after deciding it qualified as a legal handgun. Embody sued the ranger for violating his constitutional rights to carry the gun and not be stopped and searched unreasonably. As Judge Jeffrey Sutton of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit said, Embody united “the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and the Second Amendment Foundation. Both organizations think that the park ranger permissibly disarmed and detained Leonard Embody that day, notwithstanding his rights to possess the gun. So do we.”

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