A Visit to the Philadelphia Police Gun Room: Up to 200 New Ones Weekly


Editorial page editor Sandra Shea of the Philadelphia Daily News describes a visit to the Gun Room in City Hall, where row upon row of steel shelves, bins and cabinets are stuffed with thousands and thousands of guns. On any given day, the room holds 7,000 to 10,000 guns – all confiscated in crimes commited in the city. Every week, 100 to 200 guns get delivered to the Gun Room from the Firearms Identification Unit.

After every mass murder, someone inevitably insists that such a massacre would have been prevented if only MORE people had guns to defend themselves, Shea writes. They are afraid that President Obama or some other liberal is going to deny their Second Amendment rights. They’re afraid someone is going to take away their guns. As if that were even possible. Last year, 11 million guns were sold in the U.S., pushing up the per-capita gun ownership to 88 guns per hundred residents. (Russia’s numbers: 8 per hundred residents.) Shea says the sight of the Gun Room “is so powerful that I challenge Mayor [Michael] Nutter and [Police] Commissioner Charles Ramsey to move the Gun Room to street level. Build a glass cage and put these guns on public display. Maybe then we’ll see a new way to solve this problem.”

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