NY Home of Remington Is Nervous Over Talk of New Gun Laws


Political talk in New York about new gun laws has riled some people in Ilion, N.Y., home for nearly 200 years of Remington Arms, reports the New York Times. The recent mass shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin have galvanized advocates of tougher gun laws in Albany, and Remington has made it clear that such laws could prompt it to leave New York for a more sympathetic state. Legislators are proposing to limit firearm sales to one per person per month; to require background checks for anyone purchasing ammunition, and to require microstamping, a form of ballistics identification, for all semiautomatic pistols sold in New York State. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said legislation on gun violence would be a priority.

Remington, which has its headquarters in North Carolina, employs more than a thousand people at its Ilion plant. The city of 8,000 developed around the plant, and the Remington name is ubiquitous there, including at Remington Elementary School. The company is a rare economic bright spot upstate. The area has lost over 11,000 of its manufacturing jobs since 1990, or more than half. But Remington has added positions in recent years as its parent company consolidated production of other gun brands, like Bushmaster and Marlin, in Ilion.

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