'Green' Lots May Make Neighborhoods Feel Safer


Cleaning up, or “greening,” vacant lots may contribute to reductions in certain gun crimes and make residents living nearby feel safer, according to a new study from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Researchers studied two clusters of vacant lots. In one cluster, lots were cleaned, had grass and trees planted and wooden fences built around their perimeters; lots in the other cluster were left unattended. People living near the “greened” lots “reported feeling significantly safer after greening compared with those living around control vacant lots.”

In addition, researchers analyzed police reported crime data and found slight decreases in total crime and assaults near the spruced up lots. The study suggests a larger randomized trial to investigate the potential link between violence and “green” lots.

Read the abstract HERE.

The full study is available for purchase from the journal Injury Prevention.

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