George Zimmerman May Have Difficult Time Succeeding in Stand Your Ground Defense


Florida’s George Zimmerman has requested a hearing under the state’s Stand Your Ground law to establish that in shooting Trayvon Martin, he reasonably believed that the use of his weapon was necessary to “prevent great bodily harm to himself,” says the Miami Herald. A defense lawyer not in the case, Emilia Diaz-Fox, said the Zimmerman defense may have a tough time, particularly because a police call recorded Zimmerman getting out of his car to follow Martin.

Diaz-Fox represented a client who waved a pistol at someone who punched him in the face during a road-rage incident. The client found himself charged with attempted second-degree murder, even though he was seated in his car when the man attacked him. A circuit judge declined his Stand Your Ground motion. “Stand Your Ground is no shoo-in,” she said. “You have to have very strong facts to be able to prevail.” Meanwhile, prosecutors accidentally released protected evidence, including private academic transcripts showing that Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who aspired to become a judge, did poorly on the classes in his major, criminal justice. At Seminole State College, he got D's in Introduction to Criminal Justice and Juvenile Delinquency, and a C in a course called Evil Minds -Violent Predators.

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