NY Times: When Leadership Needed, Obama, Romney Cower on Gun Control


In an editorial, the New York Times says President Obama and Mitt Romney have displayed political cowardice “at a moment when the country needs resolve and fearlessness to reduce the affliction of gun violence that kills more than 80 people a day.” The paper says, “That's not terribly surprising in the case of Mitt Romney, who has built an entire campaign around an avoidance of specifics and a refusal to take unpopular positions. The governor who once showed mettle by banning assault weapons in Massachusetts told Brian Williams of NBC News that he now believes the country needs no new gun laws and no government action at all.”

The Times continues, “In a way, President Obama’s remarks were even more disappointing because he fell far short of offering a solution even though he clearly demonstrated an understanding of the problem.” The paper says he “spoke largely in platitudes” when he addressed gun violence in a speech to the National Urban League. The editorial concludes, “Both candidates once favored banning these kinds of assault weapons. What happened to their courage?”

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