FL Cop German Bosque: How Troubled Officers Stay On the Street


Sgt. German Bosque of the Opa-locka, Fl., Police Department has been disciplined, suspended, fined, and sent home with pay more than any officer in the state, says the Miami Herald. He has been accused of cracking the head of a handcuffed suspect, beating juveniles, hiding drugs in his police car, stealing from suspects, defying direct orders, and lying and falsifying police reports. He once called in sick to take a vacation to Cancún and has engaged in a rash of unauthorized police chases, including one in which four people were killed.

Arrested and jailed three times, Bosque, 48, has been fired at least six times. Now under suspension pending yet another investigation into misconduct, Bosque stays home and collects his $60,000-a-year paycheck for doing nothing. “He is a time bomb that has now exploded,” said Opa-locka Police Chief Cheryl Cason. Bosque's attorney, William Amlong, contends that Bosque is being harassed and punished with no good reason. He has been told he is the focus of a criminal investigation, but has not been told what he has done wrong other than run a red light a year ago. Amlong urges the city to return Bosque to duty so he can serve the city, “rather than sleeping late and watching telenovelas and Cops reruns.” Bosque’s disciplinary record and his city's inability to get rid of him are a study in how legal loopholes allow troubled cops to stay on the street.

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