Zimmerman’s Interviews With Sanford FL Police Include Many Contradictions


George Zimmerman talked to Sanford police a half-dozen times, going over what happened the night he killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, says the Orlando Sentinel. In the retelling, parts of his story changed. His account also does not line up with other evidence. For example, in his first recorded interview with police the night of the Feb. 26 shooting, Zimmerman said Martin had popped out at him from “the bushes.”

By the time he re-enacted the shooting less than 24 hours later, however, Zimmerman was much more precise, and the spot he pointed out had no bushes nearby. In that first taped interview with Sanford police investigator Doris Singleton, Zimmerman said that when he and Trayvon came face to face on that sidewalk, Trayvon said, “What the [expletive][is] your problem, homey?” During the next 24 hours, Zimmerman’s version of what Trayvon said would change slightly, becoming less offensive with each telling.In another interview later that night, he told Investigator Chris Serino that Trayvon said, “You got a problem?” During the re-enactment the next afternoon, he told police that Trayvon yelled, “Yo, you got a problem?”

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