A Quick Guilty Verdict May be In Store for Jerry Sandusky


Jerry Sandusky may be declared guilty by tonight, criminal-defense lawyers tell McClatchy Newspapers. Closing arguments are scheduled this morning on the 51 sex-abuse charges against the former Penn State coach. Pennsylvania lawyer Matt McClenahen says, “I don’t think they’ll be out very long. They’ll go down through all of the counts, and I think they’ll render guilty verdicts in the vast majority.” Another local lawyer, Gunner Gleason, says, “You should see a decisive verdict in one or two hours.”

Said attorney Ed Blanarik Jr.: “(Defense attorney) Joe Amendola is going to need to explain why Jerry Sandusky didn’t testify.” McClenahen predicted that the jury would toss out counts involving some alleged victims – including the secondhand testimony of a janitor claiming a boy was assaulted in a shower. He said some charges could also be reduced, and predicted the shower scene described by Mike McQueary will bring a change from felony involuntary deviate sexual intercourse to a lesser charge, perhaps indecent assault. That alleged victim was never identified.

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