NYC May Join Trend Sweeping USA: Cameras to Catch Speeders


New York may soon be joining a nationwide trend, getting cameras that record the speed of a passing car and issue violations automatically, reports the New York Times. The proposal is gaining traction in the state legislature. Though similar programs have already been put into effect for red-light and bus-lane violations in the city, the bill could signal a sweeping shift for drivers accustomed to a city whose traffic laws can be hard to enforce.

The proposal initially calls for as many as 40 cameras to be mounted high across the city, of which 20 can be rotated, ensuring that drivers are never certain when their speed is being tracked. Only those who exceed the city's speed limit, typically 30 miles per hour, by more than 10 miles per hour would be given tickets, receiving a $50 fine. For those who exceed the limit by more than 30 m.p.h., the fine doubles to $100. The cameras have been used in Washington, D.C., since 2011. Louisiana, Ohio and Oregon are among the states to put speed camera initiatives into effect in recent years.

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