Notable Stand Your Ground Cases From Coast to Coast


ProPublica describes what it calls “notable cases where a version of the Stand Your Ground law has led to freedom from criminal prosecution.” In 2007, Joe Horn of the Houston area pulled out a shotgun and killed two men he suspected of burglarizing his neighbor's home. A grand jury refused to indict him. In Louisiana this year, a grand jury cleared Byron Thomas, 21, after he fired into an SUV filled with teenagers after an alleged marijuana transaction went sour. One of the bullets struck and killed 15-year-old Jamonta Miles.

In March, Bo Morrison was shot and killed by a homeowner in Wisconsin who discovered the unarmed 20-year-old on his porch early one morning. Friends said Morrison was trying to evade police responding to a noise complaint at a neighboring underage drinking party. The homeowner, thinking Morrison was a burglar, was not charged. In April, 22-year-old Cordell Jude shot and killed Daniel Adkins Jr., a pedestrian who walked in front of Jude's car just as Jude was pulling up to the window of a drive-thru restaurant in Arizona. Jude claimed Adkins waved his arms in the air, wielding what Judge thought was a metal pipe – it was actually a dog leash. In January, a judge in Miami voided a second-degree murder charge against Greyston Garcia after he chased a burglary suspect for more than a block and stabbed him to death. The judge said the stabbing was justified because the burglar had swung a bag of stolen car radios at Garcia.

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