FL LT Gov: News Report May Show Need for Fixes to “Stand Your Ground”


The elected official in charge of reviewing Florida’s “stand your ground” law says legislators might need to make changes to ensure that the law is applied “fairly and equally,” reports the Tampa Bay Times. Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll responded to the newspaper’s analysis of nearly 200 “stand your ground” cases that showed widespread confusion and disparities in the way the law is being implemented.

Carroll’s task force will use the data collected by the Times as it considers possible recommendations for next year’s legislative session. The group’s organizational session last month lasted 10 hours and raised what Carroll called “many, many questions” about the law, which was passed in 2005 and eliminated the “duty to retreat” in self-defense cases. “When we heard from sheriffs, they had problems, and when we heard from defense and prosecuting attorneys, they had problems,” Carroll said. “From judges, we heard that there have been cases we need to look at and get an understanding of how the courts have ruled.”

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