Baltimore’s Bealefeld: “We Changed the Culture of Policing”


Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld insists he is leaving his at age 49 to do something new and not because of some political pressure. He tells the Baltimore Sun’s Peter Hermann, “I’ve been doing this for 31 years. I don't feel like a young kid. Thirty-one years is a long time to be doing this kind of work, at this pace, and I'm anxious to do something new in my life. And I figure that 50 is the right moment to go in another direction and discover something new.”

He also says, “I think we changed the culture of policing. We went from 100,000 arrests a year to half that number and we got better results. [ ] You can tell them to stop arresting people, but you still have to get results. You still have to make people safe. Today, we are [ ] down 7 homicides, down 17 nonfatal shootings. So they continue to get the job done. I'm confident, because the mayor endorsed our strategy when she took office. She embraced it and empowered us to continue it. I'm confident there are a lot of very courageous young men and young women in this police department who aren't going to be led away from success.”

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