ATF: 68,000 Guns Used in Mexican Crimes Were Traced Back to U.S.


Mexican authorities have recovered 68,000 guns in the past five years that have been traced back to the United States, reports the Washington Post, underscoring complaints from Mexico that the U.S. is responsible for arming its drug cartels More than 47,000 people in Mexico have been killed in six years of violence between warring cartels. The ATF, in releasing data covering 2007 through 2011, said many of the guns seized in Mexico and submitted to the ATF for tracing were recovered at the scene of cartel shootings while others were seized in raids on illegal arms caches.

All the recovered weapons were suspected of being used in crimes in Mexico. At a North American summit in Washington on April 2, Mexican President Felipe Calderon said the U.S. government has not done enough to stop the flow of assault weapons and other guns. Calderon credited President Obama with trying to reduce the gun traffic, but he said that Obama faces political resistance. There is Republican opposition in Congress and broad opposition from Republicans and gun-rights advocates elsewhere to a new assault weapons ban or other curbs on gun sales.

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