Clothing Companies Catering to Concealed Weapon Permit Owners


Several clothing companies are building businesses around the sharp rise in people with permits to carry concealed weapons, reports the New York Times. Woolrich, for example, added a second pocket behind the traditional front pocket for a weapon in one line of pants. For those who prefer to pack their gun in a holster, it can be tucked inside the stretchable waistband. The back pockets are also designed to help hide accessories, like a knife and a flashlight.

Ranks of people with gun permits swelled to around seven million last year from five million in 2008, partly because of changes to state laws on concealed handguns. Carriers of concealed guns say the new options are a departure from the law enforcement and military look, known as “tactical,” long favored by gun owners. The latest styles are called “concealed carry” or “covert fashion.”

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