Failure to Success


What's good with y'all at The Beat Within? I know… I know it's been a while since I've last reached out to y'all… but I've been really busy with this legal battle that's going on for my freedom. As you all know I am serving a life sentence… So with that sentence, there's only one way to get on the other side of these walls. It's called an appeal or a petition for writ of habeas corpus, and it's extremely hard to do, even if you do have a high school diploma or GED.

So the reason I'm even speaking up on this topic is I don't want to see you youngsters end up in the same situation as myself. I want to enlighten you to the hardship you gonna have to endure when you choose to live in the fast lane. So just know if you continue doing what you're doing, you're gonna end up in prison for life or eventually the majority of your life. And that's real talk. I was once right there in your shoes, thinking to myself, “Nah. That ain't gone be me. I ain't going to prison.” I was out there doin' my thing and took a wrong step, and now yo' boy's eyes is wide open to reality. So open your eyes and understand…if this is what you want to do for the rest of yo' life…. Start studying the law and how to do an appeal. Because when you get that conviction… no one cares if you're sorry or if you've changed. You gonna do the time and the only way to possibly set yourself free is to learn the law to protect yourself and preserve your freedom. This is real talk coming from a real dude.

Look, I'll tell you just like a counselor once told me when I was in 150 aka Alameda County Juvenile Hall. He grabbed ten of us and stood us in front of the rest of us in the unit. He picked seven of use out randomly, and he said, “you guys will all go to prison…three to four of you will do life the others will do time here and there, out of the three left… two of you will be dead before you turn twenty-one years old and one of you got a chance of changing your life.” I never forgot that because I thought he was full of it. Now that I look back on it… as of today… most of the cats with me at that time are dead. I have two brothers in prison, as well. One's got about nine years left… and the others in and out of prison like just a getaway vacation resort. All my folks from my area are doing like me or a long time… and not one of them has made it in life.

The reason none have made it is due to none tried to change. At the same time I feel it's because you don't have no real dudes speakin' to you and letting you know, the game and life you living plays for keeps!

And if you think that the prisons don't have a room or bed for you… they will always have a place for you. Even with the thirty-three prisons overcrowded, their solution is to send you out of state. These prison officials only see you as numbers, your CDC number, and the money you bring them in their pockets! If you don't believe me, do your research. And the sad thing is, this will continue even after you are dead, and your kids will be doing the same things. I swear on my mother and everything I love, this is the truth I speak to y'all.

Now… I was thinking not too long ago… how did I get here? Well I was getting money, but I wasn't doing it the legit way. Then I was like “all money's not good money”. The reason I say this is because, yeah it's easy to get money in the game illegally. It comes and it goes as quick as it touches yo' finger tips. And as quick as it goes, you can and will lose your life even quicker, although you might be like hell nah all money's good money. In all actuality, it's not! Because the consequences and repercussions that come along with the easy money are always BAD. No matter if it's a few years from now or a few days, it all leads to the death of you and a broken family and lost relationships.

I say the death of you because when you're in prison the only people who are there for you is your real family. You are dead to all yo' folks and the streets. Yeah they'll speak your name for some time, but eventually, like time and people you've known who've died, the memories fade. Now if it's not that, then you'll really die in the streets. The female that you thought was solid and was yo' ride or die chick… believe me, time and distance will take its toll. Everything you love and love to do, it'll all be gone and you ain't gonna be able to enjoy any of it. That is real. I guarantee you know someone who died close to you that was in the game or someone who's in prison doing life. Now what were they doing. They were in the game, and the ones next to you will be in line for the same fate.

So the only way to really side-step these prisons and tombstones is to educate yourself. Stay in school and get a job. You can never go wrong with a job and an education. These two things will ensure that you stay on the other side of those walls and live to see your grandkids. It's better to struggle and do what you want, than to be stuck in a box with two hot meals, a bag lunch, and a bed and blanket where you're told what to do every day and knowing you are gonna die in prison unhappy and unnoticed! That's real talk.

All right, here goes one last saying before I go. “You'll never know failure unless you try, and you'll never know success unless you experience failure!” Think about it. You've already failed due to your current placement. So why not go ahead and get an education and job and get the real feeling of success. That quote is about the realist words I've heard in a long while. So remember, when you want to get that fast money, you know what failure is and feels like, so why not see what success feels like and brings you.

Now with that said, let me step back in hopes that at least one of you is smart enough to soak up this righteous game. Until next time, I hope you enjoy my knowledge and my art, and God bless you all.

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