Chicago Ramping Up Antigang Strategy After Outbreak of Violence


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he's outraged by the bloodbath of violence that claimed the life of a 6-year-old playing on her porch in front of her parents and nearly killed a Chicago police officer, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. “I will not allow a child in Chicago to not have — as long as I'm mayor and I have something to do about it — the most basic of rights, which is the ability to play in their neighborhood, play on their streets and grow up with that sense of normalcy.”

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy detailed some elements of a new anti-gang strategy for the Sun-Times. This coming week, beat cops in 10 of the city's most dangerous districts will receive the results of “gang audits” that describe which blocks are controlled by which gangs and the names of the gang members. The plan is to make the information available to them on their in-car computers, McCarthy said. Beat cops can move more quickly to stop retaliatory shootings if they know the players on both sides of the conflict, he said. Tactical officers will no longer leave their districts without approval. Their sole focus will be on stopping gang violence, he said. In the past, tactical officers were often assigned to duties outside their districts, such as patrolling the St. Patrick's Day Parade downtown, because their schedules are more flexible than those of beat cops.

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