Stevens Prosecution Report Finds “Shocking” Federal Misconduct


An extraordinary special investigation ordered by a federal judge has concluded that two Justice Department prosecutors intentionally hid evidence in the case against the late Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK), one of the biggest political corruption cases in recent history. reports NPR. A blistering report found that the government team concealed documents that would have helped Stevens defend himself against false-statements charges in 2008. Stevens lost his Senate seat as the scandal played out, and he died in a plane crash two years later.

The 500-page report by investigator Henry F. Schuelke III shook the legal community, as law professors described it as a milestone in the history of prosecutorial misconduct. Brendan Sullivan, who defended the senator, said, “The extent of the corruption is shocking. It’s the worst misconduct we’ve seen in a generation by prosecutors at the Department of Justice.” The report is based on a review of 128,000 documents and interviews with prosecutors and FBI agents on the hot seat.

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