(States Reject Private Prison Offer Based on Guaranteed Occupancy


Apparently most states, including Texas, are rejecting Corrections Corporation of America’s offer to purchase state-owned prisons if the states would guarantee 90 percent occupancy for 20 years, reports the Grits for Breakfast blog. The blog Texas Prison Bidness notes that previous, similar deals between states and the company haven’t panned out so well, quoting an ACLU of Ohio assessment that, “While CCA claims it will save Ohioans $3 million per year, a recent report analyzing the state’s contract shows that taxpayers will actually lose money over the next 20 years.”

The blog also notes the new immigration detention center in Karnes County, TX, reported yesterday in Crime & Justice News, supposedly ia kindler and gentler version of involuntary detention for immigrants and other low-risk detainees awaiting deportation. The facility is the first of what may be a new market for private prison companies in “softer” incarceration venues, though holding people against their will would remain at the heart of their business model. The changes come in response to complaints from advocates. Says Grits writer Scott Henson: “My beef stems from the fact of their long-term incarceration in the first place, even if most of it is supposedly the equivalent of pretrial detention before their case is heard before backlogged federal judges.”

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