TN Gov Haslam Expects Law Allowing Guns In Cars at Work


Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam expects legislators to pass a bill requiring businesses to allow workers to store firearms in vehicles parked on company lots, the Associated Press reports. Haslam is trying to work out a compromise between gun rights supporters and business groups. “A lot of government is like that; it's about getting the balance right,” he said. “This is one of those cases where you have property interests versus gun rights interests — both of which people in my party take very, very seriously.” Haslam is a Republican.

Haslam didn't say what change he would make to the current version of a bill supported by the National Rifle Association that would apply to both private businesses and public institutions. The measure also would cover any firearm owner, not just those with state-issued handgun carry permits. “Essentially what this bill does is to allow a legally possessed firearm to be kept in your vehicle out of sight on private property,” said NRA lobbyist Heidi Keesling. That argument resonated with Sen. Stacey Campfield, who described himself as a “guns-wide-open kind of guy. He said: “I always consider my person — my being — my own private property. At what point is a concealed weapon considered private property on me, versus when I'm a car?”

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