VA Gun Law Repeal ‘Unfathomable,’ Says WashPost Editorial


In an editorial, the Washington Post takes Virginia legislators to task for discarding a law, passed 20 years ago, that imposed a one-a-month limit on gun purchases. The law was a response to the state’s standing as a leading supplier of guns linked to crimes committed out of state. A study later showed that the limit reduced by 66 percent the number of Virginia-bought guns recovered from crimes scenes in the Northeast corridor. But last week, both chambers of the Virginia legislature approved eliminating the one-gun-a-month limit. The only thing standing in the way of the bill becoming law is the signature of Gov. Robert F. McDonnell, who voted for the limit as a state delegate but has since reversed course.

The Post says, “The law worked, which is why it is unfathomable that the state is on the verge of throwing it out..Virginia advocates of repeal argue that limiting law-abiding state residents to one purchase per month spits in the face of their Second Amendment rights. Does the Second Amendment guarantee a right to purchase dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of deadly weapons each month? Even with the one-gun-a-month limit, collectors and those who could show a need for additional guns for personal or business protection were permitted to petition the state for an exception; the vast majority of these requests were approved. To discard a law that has been effective for almost 20 years makes no sense.”

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