800 Cops Found Driving 90-130 MPH on South Florida Highways


Police officers sworn to uphold our traffic laws are among the worst speeders on South Florida roads, says the South Florida Sun Sentinel. A three-month investigation by the newspaper found almost 800 cops from a dozen agencies driving 90 to 130 mph. Many weren’t on duty — they were commuting to and from work in take-home patrol cars.

The extent of the problem shocked police brass. All the agencies started internal investigations. “Excessive speed,” Margate Police Chief Jerry Blough warned his officers, is a “blatant violation of public trust.” The evidence came from police SunPass toll records. The Sun Sentinel obtained a year’s worth, hit the highways with a GPS device and figured out how fast the cops were driving based on the distance and time it took to go from one toll plaza to the next. Speeding cops can kill. Since 2004, Florida officers exceeding the speed limit have caused at least 320 crashes and 19 deaths. Only one officer went to jail — for 60 days.

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