Records Show Toledo Municipal Judges Took Up to 60 Days Off


The Toledo Blade says that some of the city’s municipal court judges appear to miss work an inordinate numbers of days–as many as 60, in one case. The judges are guaranteed at least six weeks of vacation, plus 13 paid city holidays, but a review by The Blade of the days each judge used a visiting judge to cover his or her mandatory court times and other records showed the time away from the bench can be much more. Notes on judges' attendance kept in the assignment commissioner office indicated that Judge Robert Christiansen might have been out of the court 60 days in 2011 by using a combination of days marked “off” or when a visiting judge covered for him. Judge Francis Gorman was out 51 days. And that does not include the paid holidays.

Both judges say the records are inaccurate. “I was not out of the building for [60] days. That is absurd,” Judge Christiansen said. Judge Christiansen said “many” of the days he was recorded as off, he was actually in the building. “I would schedule days in advance but then not use them and come in, but not ask the assignment commissioner to reschedule 50 trials,” he said. That means he would be marked off for the day but actually be in the building without a docket.

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