OH Village With 1-50 Police-Resident Ratio Moves to Shut Down Force


The tiny village of Woodmere, Oh., which boasts one of the highest ratio of police officers per resident in the U.S., 1 to 50, is close to eliminating its force, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Mayor Charles Smith believes that the city council agrees Woodmere can no longer afford the $1.2 million a year to pay for nine officers to patrol the 1/2-half-mile-square village. Smith proposes turning police duties over to Orange, which literally surrounds the village. It would cost $500,000.

Woodmere Police Chief Terance Calloway submitted his resignation to take a job at a university in Tennessee. Smith said when he took office in 2010 he faced a town on the verge of financial collapse. He said he trimmed the budget where he could, and noted about half the village’s $2.5 in expenses went for police. Smith said there is very little crime in the community and most of the officers’ time is spent handling shoplifting in upscale stores.

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