Latest Tabloid Justice Drama: John Edwards’ Campaign Finance Case


If you’re wondering what crime news is captivating tabloid journalists these days, try the John Edwards campaign finance trial in North Carolina. The Raleigh News & Observer says the National Enquirer is reporting that Edwards is making a “desperate attempt to CHEAT JUSTICE” by marrying former lover Rielle Hunter. The News & Observer could find no evidence of such a marriage.

Now the question is what undisclosed medical condition has made it difficult for the former U.S. presidential candidate to help with trial preparations. A British tabloid not identified by the News & Observer reports that Edwards, 58, collapsed in the arms of a close friend before Christmas, debilitated after a long run by chest pains that turned out to be a panic attack. A meeting with the judge is scheduled tomorrow in Greensboro, N.C., to discuss the trial schedule.

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