Today’s Protesters Must Face Consequences of Arrests


A North Carolina college student was surprised to be handcuffed at a protest against proposed legislative cuts to education funding, says the Raleigh News & Observer. A new wave of protesters has reinvigorated civil disobedience, but that action can carry a lasting price for the individual: an arrest and its consequences.

Said the student, “It does bring up a bit of doubt. I feel like I’ll be asked to explain it a lot.” Through a first-time offender program, she negotiated a deal with prosecutors that allows her to perform community service in exchange for dismissal of her disorderly conduct charge. Nevertheless, she had to craft a letter to explain her actions as she pursues her ambition of becoming an educator. Public protests were often the province of cranks, chronic hecklers, or a smattering of diehards pursuing old causes. Now, old and young, people established in life and those still planning their futures, are taking up placards and storming public venues.

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