How Crime-Scene Crews Clean Up Bloody Messes in Oklahoma


At homicide scenes, suicide scenes, or when a body has decomposed after an unattended death, crime scene cleanup specialists like Sean Small have a bloody mess to take care of, says The Oklahoman. Small, 45, knows firsthand the trauma a family faces after a sudden death. In 2001, in a farmhouse, his father, Lonnie, 65, died of a heart attack. It was nearly a week before church members found him.

Six years later, he was watching a crime scene television show and had the idea to start a cleanup business in Oklahoma City. In 2009, Small faced his most horrendous cleanup job after a man beat and stabbed to death his pregnant girlfriend. The boyfriend, still covered in blood, was arrested a short time later nearby. Her blood had been spilled in a room where family members found love letters she wrote to him before her death. Small has cleaned up about 40 sites in the past five years, including a filthy house where the Department of Human Services found 17 cats living inside.

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