Justice System Cost $755 Annually Per U.S. Resident in 2007: BJS Report


The U.S. justice system cost $228 billion annually to operate as of 2007, a 171 percent since 1982, after adjusting for inflation, says the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics in a newly released compilation. Because the data preceded the recession, they are likely to be down today in many categories. Between 2002 and 2007, public expenditures for criminal and civil justice remained flat.

The per capita justice system expenditure was $755 in 2007, a drop of 5 percent from 2002. ?In 2007, 2.5 million persons were employed in
the justice system, an increase of 93 percent from 1982. ??Between 1982 and 2002, federal justice system employment increased 115 percent; state, 118 percent; and local, 63 percent. ??Federal employment increased from 7 percent of total justice employment in 1982 to 11 percent in 2007, while state
employment increased from 27 percent to 31 percent, and local employment declined from 66 percent to 58 percent.

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