Some Dallas Bail Bondsmen Claim Defendant Rearrests With No Proof


At the very least, the standard operating procedure underpinning Dallas County's bail bond system should be “trust but verify,” says the Dallas Morning News in an editorial. The actual situation is more like “look the other way and approve.” In a series of articles, the newspaper detailed numerous cracks and loopholes in the county's bail bond system. Shoddy follow-through is costing county taxpayers and making a mockery of a system intended to assure that a defendant doesn't simply disappear.

The latest fiasco involves bondsmen who filed court papers claiming that clients whom they had helped get out of jail — and who later skipped town — had been rearrested. Those rearrests of bail jumpers saved the bondsmen substantial money. The problem is that many bondsmen didn't file — nor did judges and lawyers demand — basic documentation to back up the rearrest claims. Some bondsmen make up these stories.

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