Mug Shot Tabloids Serving as “Modern-Day Stocks”


A new kind of tabloid is popping up in convenience stores: compendiums of mug shots letting readers keep up with who’s been arrested every week, NPR reports. With titles like Cellmates, Jailbirds, Just Busted, Jail House Rocs, and The Slammer, it’s clear what you’ll find inside. “Modern-day stockades or stocks, I guess is one way to look at it,” says Daniel Schroeder, publisher of The Slammer, which covers central Arkansas.

At the Pulaski County jail, Deputy Charles Wilkes snaps the photos of inmates that end up in the tabloid. “They know about The Slammer,” he says. “Sometimes they think its kind of funny like, ‘Hey, I’m posing for The Slammer,‘ and some people are like, you know, ‘I’m pretty upset cause I might lose my job.’ ” Pulaski County Sheriff Doc Holladay says publishing pictures of people who have already been arrested doesn’t solve crimes. “I’m not sure we’ve seen a great upside for us, other than people call us and complain about their picture being there,” he says.

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