LMoney Falls On OK Highway, Those Who Picked It Up Could be Charged


You are driving down the highway when suddenly $20 bills start falling from the sky. What do you do? Dozens of motorists along Interstate 40 in Oklahoma City on Monday decided to stop and grab as much as they could. Now they could face criminal charges, reports The Oklahoman. No one has come forward to claim the money, a good portion of which is in the hands of police.

Dozens of cars were pulled over and people picking up handfuls of cash that were blowing across the road. One witness picked up a little over $400. “Several people were talking about how they were going to get new shoes or pay their electric bills,” she said. “I said, 'This money needs to be turned in.’ They just ignored me.” State law requires those who find money or property to attempt to locate the owner. Those who don’t could be charged with larceny. If they found more than $500 and didn’t report it, they could be found guilty of grand larceny, a felony.

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