Lohan Jailed; Judge Says Community Service Needn’t be “Fulfilling”


Actress Lindsay Lohan was briefly jailed after a judge admonished — and occasionally mocked — her for “blowing off” her court-ordered community service, but there are doubts she will spend additional time behind bars despite numerous probation violations, reports the Los Angeles Times. L.A.’s jails are increasingly being filled with felons because of a controversial new law under which convicts who normally would be housed in state prisons are locked up locally instead. “The jails are going to be filled with felons,” said Judge Stephanie Sautner, noting that because of jailhouse crowding that might not be a good option.

Sautner sought to revoke Lohan’s probation after she was kicked out of a community service program at a downtown women’s shelter for repeatedly failing to show up. The actress was taken away in handcuffs after Sautner launched into Lohan for her casual attitude toward her assigned community service. Lohan has completed only 21 hours of the 360 hours she was ordered to serve at the women’s shelter. Lohan also was ordered to complete 120 hours of service at the county morgue. Sautner blasted Lohan, taking note that the actress had told probation officials that she did not find work at the shelter to be “fulfilling.” “Is that what a sentence is about? To fulfill the defendant?,” the judge said. Then she answered her own question: “No.”

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