NYPD Gets Millions in Fed Security Funding But Won’t Say How It’s Spent


The NYPD has received millions of federal Homeland Security dollars to heighten safety in the city, but the department refuses to say where the money goes, reports the New York Daily News. A recent quarterly report by the city purports to detail how federal grant money was being spent. But the names of all NYPD vendors are blacked out – even the name of the company that provides the department’s cable TV service. The department says disclosing the information would enable someone to “effect” the department’s “infrastructure” and could “endanger the life” of someone.

Other city agencies, including the fire department, reveal the names of vendors in the same report. NYPD spokesman Paul Browne defended the secrecy, stating, “The process was developed to procure resources for any sensitive or covert operation in which disclosing product specifications to the public could lead to the detection or defeat of the equipment used. Examples include covert surveillance technology and leases on apartments for undercover operations. In these transactions, confidentiality regarding both the vendors and the specific products or services procured is crucial to the success of the investigation and the safety of the officers involved.”

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