UlU.S. Provides Pot to 4 Patients “For Compassionate Reasons”


For the past three decades, the U.S. government has been providing a handful of patients with some of the highest grade marijuana around. The program grew out of a 1976 court settlement that created the country’s first legal pot smoker, reports the Associated Press. Advocates for legalizing marijuana or treating it as a medicine say the program is a contradiction in the 40-year “war on drugs” — maintaining the federal ban on pot while at the same time supplying it.

Officials say the program no longer accepting new patients, and public health authorities have concluded that there was no scientific value to it, At one point, 14 people were getting government pot. There are four left. The government has only continued to supply the marijuana “for compassionate reasons,” said the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Marijuana is getting a new look from states considering calls to repeal decades-old marijuana prohibition laws. There are 16 states with medical marijuana programs. In the three West Coast states, advocates are readying tax-and-sell or other legalization programs.

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