New York Times Calls Federal Gun Reciprocity Bill “Outrageous”


The New York Times calls “outrageous” a proposal in the House to strip states of their authority to decide who may carry a concealed loaded firearm. Every state but Illinois makes some allowance for concealed weapons. The eligibility rules vary widely and each state decides whether to honor another state's permits. For example, 38 states prohibit people convicted of certain violent crimes like assault or sex crimes from carrying concealed guns. At least 36 states set a minimum age of 21; 35 states require gun safety training.

The proposed National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011 would shred those standards, creating a locked-and-loaded race to the bottom in which states with strict requirements, like New York, would be forced to allow people with permits from states with lax screening to carry hidden loaded guns. The bill already has more than 240 co-sponsors, all but guaranteeing House passage. The Senate, which defeated a similar bill two years ago, should do so again, the Times editorializes.

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