8 Million Web Pages Have Been Targeted in New Form of Hacking


In a new style of hacking sweeping the Internet, some 8 million Web pages, published mostly by smaller merchants and professional firms, have been hijacked this summer and set up to usurp control of the PCs of unsuspecting site visitors, reports USA Today. A single criminal gang using computer servers located in Ukraine is responsible for the latest twist in converting legitimate websites into delivery mechanisms for “drive-by downloads,” in which malicious software gets inserted into the Web browser of any unsuspecting Internet user who simply has navigated to a hacked Web page.

With control of the visitor’s browser, the attacker can easily install malicious software that silently harvests all account log-ons, identity data and payment card data. The PC is usually also slotted into a botnet, a network of infected “robot” PCs controlled by the bad guys, who then use it on an ongoing basis to spread spam, carry out hacktivist attacks and do other criminal activities.

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