Gun Maker Pays $600,000 Settlement in Stolen Gun Case


A Massachusetts gun maker has agreed to pay nearly $600,000 to the families of one man who was killed and another man who was wounded in a shooting involving a gun allegedly stolen from the firm, reports the Associated Press. Danny Guzman, 26, was slain outside a nightclub in 1999. Armando Maisonet was wounded in the same shooting. In a wrongful death suit against Kahr Arms, of Worcester, Ma., Guzman’s family alleged that the gun was stolen and later sold by a Kahr employee with a criminal record.

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence announced the settlement, calling it the largest damages payment ever made by a gun manufacturer accused of negligence leading to the criminal use of a gun. Guzman’s relatives charged that Kahr should have done employee background checks and used metal detectors to prevent guns from being smuggled out of its Worcester factory.The settlement covers separate lawsuits filed by Guzman’s family and Maisonet, who was wounded in the shoulder. “This settlement sends a strong signal to gun manufacturers nationwide that they will pay the consequences for their misconduct if they operate without regard for public safety,” said Daniel Vice of the Brady Center’s Legal Action Project.

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