Some Advice For At-Risk Casey Anthony: “Go Far, Far Away”


Florida child-murder acquittee Casey Anthony will be out of jail Sunday. Michael Mantell, a former chief psychologist with the San Diego Police Department, tells USA Today she could be in danger because of widespread public anger over the case’s outcome. John Kendall, a former U.S. marshal who handled witness protection, says Anthony will be at high risk for the next few months. “Is she going to make the tour? Talk shows? Book signings? Public appearances? If she does, then she is at an incredible risk,” Kendall says. “If I was handling this case, we would relocate her somewhere else in the country, change her identity and change her appearance.”

Mantell says Anthony will never lead a normal life. “She is not going to be a suburban housewife who will be a welcome part of the PTA,” he says. “She will be made into a media nightmare. She will be used as a clown and buffoon. The smartest thing she can do is go far, far away.” However, David Finkelhor of the Crimes against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire, does not believe Anthony is in much danger and says she could eventually lead a normal life. “I just don’t think that the collective memory is really that long,” he says.

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