Security Lapses Found Throughout Arizona Prison System


The same kinds of serious security lapses that led to the escape last July of three prisoners from an Arizona state prison have been and continue to be found at the 14 other state and private prisons, reports the Arizona Republic. The failures include faulty alarm systems, holes under fences big enough to crawl through, broken perimeter lights and cameras, and scores of poor security practices across the board by state and private corrections officers and managers.

While Corrections Director Charles Ryan says the department is correcting these problems, it seems to be doing so on a piecemeal basis as they’re found; and there is no evidence that wardens or senior managers are being held accountable to address or prevent security issues. ; and the 10 operated directly by his department. Reviews since last summer’s escape obtained by the newspaper through public-records requests show security problems run across the entire system. Among the more damning findings were large holes under the razor-wire fencing and blind spots at three prisons; constant false alarms going unchecked at another; alarms at one unit that often were missed or went unchecked because they sounded the same as the call buttons that officers pushed to get in and out of buildings.

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