Why Casey Anthony Trial is Hot Orlando Tourist Attraction


The murder trial of Casey Anthony in Orlando, which began in early May, is a hot tourist attraction, with courtroom passes going to the first 50 people hardy enough to withstand Florida's humidity for 10 hours at a time, says the New York Times. Nine days ago, after two men tried to cut in line, a brawl erupted and court administrators were forced to make changes. Now passes are handed out at 4 p.m. for the next day's session.

For the trial denizens who have stuck with the Anthony drama for three years, the wait is well worth the payoff: seeing Anthony wipe away the occasional tear, peering into the eyes of stone-faced jurors, experiencing firsthand the emotional intensity in the courtroom. The mostly women in line say they have been moved by the sordid death of the adorable Caylee and the apparent callousness of Ms. Anthony, who prosecutors say killed her child because she grew tired of motherhood and then failed to report the child missing for a month. When she did contact the police, she blamed a never-to-be-located babysitter for kidnapping Caylee.

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