Holder To Stake Out Liberal Views; Some Say He Differs Little from Bush


Attorney General Eric Holder will showcase left-leaning positions tonight in a speech to the nation’s most prominent liberal lawyers’ group, the American Constitution Society, reports Politico.com. Holder was said to be “finding his voice again, staking out traditionally liberal positions in public and behind closed doors despite a series of highly publicized setbacks, most notably the White House's rejection of his plan to try September 11 suspects in civilian courts.”

He appears to face an uphill battle to convince liberals that the Justice Department is headed in a dramatically different direction than it was under President George W. Bush. Many liberals are irked by a flurry of prosecutions against alleged leakers of classified information. Some complain that the administration is blocking disclosures about intrusive Patriot Act surveillance and that prosecutors and the FBI are using tactics in terrorism cases that amount to entrapment. “If you ask any civil libertarian, you're going to get the same answer. That is: there's been precious little change from the Obama administration after the Bush administration,” said law Prof. Jonathan Turley of George Washington University. “On the war on drugs: very little change. On criminal justice generally, there's not a piece of paper that can be put between the position of the Bush and Obama administrations.”

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