Nashville Police Step Up Domestic Violence Arrests


In 2009, Nashville police were more likely to drop domestic violence cases than they were to make an arrest. No longer, The Tennessean reports. Police made more domestic violence arrests and dropped far fewer cases without arrest in 2010 compared with prior years, ending a four-year period in which cases were shelved because police said victims would not cooperate.

A Tennessean investigation last year found that the department had gone from dropping around 200 such cases a year in 2005 to almost 5,500 such cases in 2009, blaming victims' lack of cooperation for not arresting a domestic violence suspect. A sampling of those cases showed that investigations often ended when a victim didn't return a single phone call. A handful of victims insisted they did want to prosecute, in spite of police reports stating otherwise. Police said they had beefed up efforts to reach out to victims who may be difficult to reach, as opposed to clearing a case and moving on when a victim simply doesn't call back.

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