Texans Warned About Fake Cops After Incidents in Dallas


Texans are being warned about fake cops, reports CBSDFW.com. An increasing number of police impersonators have been caught on area streets, and authorities are particularly concerned about two recent incidents in Dallas. Two off-duty Dallas police officers were recently pulled over by two different police impersonators. One of the fake cops was a security guard. The other was a former Cockrell Hill fire chief. Both impersonators were arrested and face felony charges.

Fake cops can often look like the real deal. Many drive vehicles with flashing lights and wear uniforms that resemble those of a real officer. Sometimes they even carry guns. Authorities fear the police impersonators will rob or grope their victims. Authorities suggest that you stay in your car if you suspect your are being targeted by a fake police officer. Drive to a well-lit area with people in the vicinity and call 911.

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