McCarthy Takes Over in Chicago, Vows More Cops On Street “Fast”


Garry McCarthy made a beeline to Chicago Police headquarters after his boss Rahm Emanuel was sworn into office yesterday morning as Chicago's 46th mayor, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. McCarthy, former Newark Police director, became Chicago's acting top cop as he awaits City Council approval.

Last week, Massachusetts consultant Robert Wasserman visited Chicago on McCarthy's invitation to create a list of information McCarthy should ask the department to collect —including priorities for his first 30 days. Wasserman, former chief of staff of the White House's Office of National Drug Control Policy, has previously advised McCarthy's mentor, William Bratton, who was chief of the New York and Los Angeles police departments. “He's got his homework tonight,” Wasserman said as he headed out of town. “He's got a very fast timeline of things to do” Asked how quickly he'll put 1,000 more cops on the street — as Emanuel has promised — McCarthy said: “It's going to be fast.”

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