IMF Chief Ordered Jailed on Sex Charge After Polanski Cited


International Monetary Fund director Dominique Strauss-Kahn is being held in a single cell in New York City’s Rikers Island jail on sex charges resulting from the alleged assault of a hotel housekeeper. The Wall Street Journal says that Strauss-Kahn was denied bail yesterday after prosecutors argued that the French citizen he might otherwise flee the country. He is expected to appear in court on Friday to learn if a grand jury has indicted him. Prosecutor Daniel Alonso was quoted by the New York Post as telling a judge, “It’s just like Roman Polanski,” referring to the movie director charged with a sex act in California in 1977 who fled to France to dodge prosecution for more than 30 years.

Prosecutor John McConnell said the alleged victim has provided a detailed account of the assault that was corroborated by a sexual-assault examination. He said DNA evidence recovered at the site was being tested and that the alleged victim picked Strauss-Kahn out of a lineup. “The defendant restrained a hotel employee inside of his room,” the prosecutor said. “He sexually assaulted her and attempted to forcibly rape her. When he was unsuccessful, he forced her to perform oral sex on him.” Strauss-Kahn’s attorneys said he is not guilty.

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