San Diego, Hit With Cop Misconduct Cases, Had Ended Corruption Unit


After Bill Lansdowne became San Diego police chief in 2003, he quietly disbanded an anticorruption unit assigned with proactively investigating the kind of criminal allegations that recently have stained the department’s image, reports the Voice of San Diego On Wednesday, police announced charging officer Daniel Dana, 26, with with kidnapping and raping a 34-year-old woman while on duty. He no longer is employed by the department and was the 10th officer accused of serious or criminal misconduct in recent months.

A decade ago, such a case would have been investigated by a seven-person anticorruption unit that focused on allegations of criminal misconduct. The unit’s officers often used undercover or surveillance operations to proactively monitor their colleagues for wrongdoing. Police created the team in the early 1990s with much fanfare, but after Lansdowne became chief in 2003, it disappeared without public notice. Like other specialized units and task forces the police department has disbanded under Lansdowne, the move shifted resources internally to prioritize reactive functions like patrol rather than preventive efforts.

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