Phila. Cops Say Man Set Them Up For Gun-Carrying Squabble


Mark Fiorino, 25, took a walk in Philadelphia with the .40-caliber Glock he legally owns holstered in plain view on his left hip. His stroll ended when someone called out from behind: “Yo, Junior, what are you doing?” Fiorino wheeled and saw Sgt. Michael Dougherty aiming a handgun at him, reports the Philadelphia Daily News. Next came a tense, profanity-laced, 40-minute encounter with cops–recorded by Fiorino–who told him that what he was doing – openly carrying a gun on the city’s streets – was against the law.

“Do you know you can’t openly carry here in Philadelphia?” Dougherty asked, according to the YouTube clip.”Yes, you can, if you have a license to carry firearms,” Fiorino said. “It’s Directive 137. It’s your own internal directive.” The cops were wrong. After Fiorino posted his recordings on YouTube, they went viral. He then was charged with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct for refusing to cooperate with police. Fiorino plans to sue the city when his criminal case is resolved. Police believe Fiorino wanted to get into a confrontation with cops, that he wanted to see them lose their cool so could file suit. As one cop was overheard saying: “He set us the f— up, that’s what the f— he did.”

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