Tennessee Editor Complains of Post-Tornado Actions by “Nazi Cops”


Chattanooga, Tn., Times Free Press Executive Editor J. Todd Foster says that his staff had to deal with “Nazi cops” during recent tornado coverage, reports Chattanoogan.com. Chattanooga Police Chief Bobby Dodd said a photographer from the newspaper “slipped into” a devastated area where news crews had been told to stay out of on the day after the tornado had hit and when many family members had not been notified of injuries and deaths.

Photographer Kate Harrison said she was ordered to stop taking photographs and was threatened with arrest. An attorney for the newspaper said those actions “constitute a violation of Ms. Harrison’s First Amendment news-gathering rights and also are an unconstitutional prior restraint.” Chief Dodd said, “It’s irresponsible and very unprofessional to be name calling using highly inflammatory terms against officers and emergency personnel who were just doing their jobs.”

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